1-2-16 Blake Lefler


HUNTER: Blake Lefler

DATE: 1-2-16

LOCATION: Central Iowa

SPECIES: Whitetail

WEAPON: Knight Muzzleloader


SUMMARY: The word ‘obsessed’ comes to mind when looking at Blake Lefler’s thoughts on a buck called ‘Valentine.’  Two years ago Blake acquired permission to hunt on a new farm, and sure enough, after hanging a few trail cameras, a giant showed up to which Blake’s wife, Kari, called ‘Valentine.’  Over the course of the next two years, not only did Valentine grow in size but so did his rack. In the summer of 2015 he exploded into an absolute giant whitetail.  We estimated he would score right around 200 inches.  Blake hunted Valentine hard with his bow but never laid eyes upon him.  On the last day that he could hunt during Iowa’s late muzzleloader season, Blake went for broke and decided to move in close to a bedding area next to food and sit against a tree.  With ten minutes of shooting light left, Valentine presented Blake with an opportunity to which he made the most of.  Although Valentine broke off his right G3 and a kicker (approximatley 15 inches), he still gross scored 187 making him Blakes largest buck to date.  


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