10-15-17: Alex Dunkin


HUNTER: Alex Dunkin

DATE: 10-15-17

LOCATION: Monroe County, Iowa

SPECIES: Whitetail

GROSS SCORE:  169 1/8

WEAPON: Thompson Center Pro Hunter


SUMMARY: The story of a buck the team calls ‘Level B’ has come to an end.  After two years of history including trail cam pics, shed antlers, summer footage, and encounters, this big double white patched typical made a deadly mistake while eating in an Arrow Seed Company Brassica Plus plot.  Chris & Tayler moved a Muddy Bull box blind onto the edge of the plot 10 days before in an effort to remain scent free and to get away with marginal or dead calm winds.  The plan worked and Level B read the script.  Congrats Alex!

‘Level B’ was hooked on the Arrow Seed Brassica Mix. Patterning and targeting large bucks in the early season is a deadly tactic.
It’s always a great feeling when a plan comes together.


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