10-15-17: Derek Wilkerson


HUNTER: Derek Wilkerson

DATE: 10-15-17

LOCATION: Iowa County, Iowa

SPECIES: Whitetail

GROSS SCORE: 147 2/8

WEAPON: Thompson Center Muzzleloader


SUMMARY: Believe it or not, although Derek has filmed many bucks fall over the years on Trophy Pursuit, he’s never actually harvested a buck on camera.  After years of filming others, Derek was up to bat and he headed out in search of one of two big mature eight pointers.  These two bucks had taken over the farm, and it was time for one of them to go.  With high pressure and dropping temps, this 7+year old whitetail walked out and Derek made a perfect shot with his TC.

The head and body size of this whitetail led Derek to believe that he was 6+yrs old. Hopefully by taking him out of the area a new buck will move in and some up and comers will stick around.


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