10-23-16 Greg Sieck


Hunter: Greg Sieck

Videographer: Greg Sieck

Date: October 20/ 23

State: Iowa

Weapon: Knight Disc Extreme Muzzleloader/ Mathews Halon

Summary: What is the rut? Don’t ask Greg, he’s known as Mr. October. Back to Back years he’s tagged not one but four bucks in late October. 2015 it took him four days to harvest 302 inches of antler. This year “Boss Hawg” slipped up on October 20th and two days later the deer Greg had his mindset on made his first appearance. Greg’s Muddy Pro Cam’s showed “JT” on a pattern just before season. As soon as season arrived he became a ghost. With multiple cameras placed on the property Greg hunted smart and stealthy waiting for his one chance to capitalize. On the evening of October 22 was that evening, 20+ does filtered through the white oak valley munching on acorns before heading to the corn field. “JT” made his last mistake and Greg sent a Dead Ringer Super Freak II through both lungs.




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