10-4-17: Cross Beam Encounter


With the season starting on October 1st here in Iowa, I had been chomping at the bit to get out in the field but I knew I had to wait until the time was right.  Yesterday evening, with a rising moon, a cold front pushing through, and high pressure, I made a move on a buck that we’ve known now for three years, ‘Cross Beam.’

Cross Beam spends the majority of his time in an approximately 15 acre area on this particular farm.  This year, in an effort to hone in on him even more, we planted an acre of Arrow Seed Brassica Plus in a corner pocket not far from where he beds.  It’s worked well, as Cross Beam has been hitting this plot on a fairly consistent basis; we know this from the trail pics we’ve been getting of him over our Wind Pro Mock Scrapes).  The setup works well with a North wind, and that’s just what we had.  We placed a Muddy Outdoors Bale Blind on the S end of the field and walked into the blind with the wind in our face.

Watch the video blog to see what happened and continue to follow along with my season.  I fully plan on posting as many updates as possible throughout the year.  There is a lot of great hunting left to be had.

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