11-23-15 Jesse Richard


Hunter: Jesse Richard

Date: 11-23-15
Location: Central Iowa
Weapon: Mathews No Cam
Broadhead: Dead Ringer Rampage 
Treestand: Big Game Boss Lite 
Videographer:  Self-filmed


Summary:  Jesse had been after a few different bucks on this partiuclar farm over a two week time period. He had many encounters and close calls but no shot opportunities. Jesse sat the evening of November 23rd following a cold front in hopes of filling his buck tag. With about an hour worth of shooting light left the deer started to fill the field. After a close call with 2 mature bucks just a little bit out of bow range Jesse thought his night was over ass all the deer fed away from him out across the corn field. As luck would have it a good buck started to bump a doe in Jesse’s direction. “Haywire” pushed the doe right underneath Jesses stand. The buck stopped at 48 yards and Jesse settled his HHA sight behind the bucks shoulder and let the arrow fly.


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