12-12-15 Chris Dunkin


HUNTER: Chris Dunkin

DATE: 12-12-15

LOCATION: Southern Iowa

SPECIES: Whitetail

WEAPON: Thompson Center Muzzleloader

VIDEOGRAPHER: Derek Wilkerson and Joe Diestel

SUMMARY: Earlier this fall Chris made the decision that he would purchase a tag for Iowa’s second shotgun season regardless as to what the weather was like based on the fact that there were more team members who would be hunting late muzzleloader, and he wanted to be able to assist in filming them.  On Saturday, December 12th, Chris headed down to a farm that was loaded with food in hopes a big buck would slip up.  Joe Diestel had promised to film Chris that afternoon and had driven up from Missouri.  Derek Wilkerson also tagged along as he was in the area; this made two great angles worth of video!  The weather was warm, with a light drizzle and heavy fog, but the deer were moving.  Chris passed up two solid young bucks that had good potential, before having a big mature 9pt enter the field.  A 103yd shot from his TC and it was all over.  


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