12-26-15 Jesse Richard


Hunter: Jesse Richard

Date: 12-26-15

Location: Southern Iowa

Weapon: Thompson Center Muzzleloader

Videographer: Greg Sieck

Summary: After pulling a few cameras after arriving to the farm, Jesse was excited to see a few different mature bucks in the area and moving during daylight hours. One of the best bucks on the farm was a 5 1/2 year old buck named “Tiny”.  “Tiny” was around the standing bean field almost daily. Jesse and Greg got into the box blind with the heater and waited for the deer to move. With about an hour of light left Jesse was shocked when he looked out and saw that Tiny had walked into the bean field and was standing at 80 yards. Greg had to calm Jesse down enough for him to settle the crosshairs of his Vortex scope on this great Iowa buck. It is Jesse’s biggest buck to date!  


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