12-28-15 Spencer Watts


HUNTER: Spencer Watts

DATE: 12-28-15

LOCATION: Southern Iowa

SPECIES: Whitetail

WEAPON: Thompson Center Muzzleloader

VIDEOGRAPHER: Travis Weigert

SUMMARY: Like many of us, unseasonably warm temperatures and high winds made archery seasons across the midwest tough.  Spencer had put the work in, but the opportunities never came.  As bow season ended, Spencer’s mindset switched to late season hunting over food sources.  When late muzzleloader opened up, Spencer was ready to go after a buck he called ‘Smash Mouth’, and on evening number one was presented with an opportunity, however, it didn’t work out and Spencer missed.  Although it really bothered Spencer, he continued to hunt hard and on the evening of the 28th made a shot count on a fully mature buck to which the videographer, Travis, had several years of history of.


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