9-19-16 Tayler Riggen


Hunter: Tayler Riggen

Date: 9-19-16

Species: Elk

Weapon: Matthews Halon 6

Videographer: Chris Dunkin

Summary:  After accumulating preference points in Wyoming for 9 years, Tayler was finally able to draw a license on what turned out to be a 12% draw chance.  From the day the draw results were posted, the entire hunting season changed, and Tayler’s mindset was directed toward hunting elk in an area he had never set foot in.  This would be a DIY hunt. No Outfitters.  In an attempt to get a leg up, Tayler began working closely with a good friend, Patrick Hagens, who is a Wyoming resident, and knows the area that Tayler would be hunting well.  As an experienced elk hunter, Patrick was able to mark points of interest on Tayler’s maps, showing him where to camp, and where to start looking for elk.


As the summer dragged on, Tayler spent many hours preparing.  Months were spent shooting his bow and tuning his equipment in preparation for that 1 shot attempt. Beyond that, since this would be a DIY hunt, there were many preparations to be made for a camp.

As luck would have it, Patrick had a commitment fall through, and was able to come help get on the elk, and Tayler’s Dad Jeff was able to come along as a second caller.

After 5 days of hard hiking, and getting close on several herd bulls, the group finally got a wide 5×5 with kicker 6th’s on each side to come screaming in to 20 yards. The rest is history!



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