A life-long Iowan and technically born a “city kid”, Marcus Branstad took to the outdoors early in life. He was introduced to hunting and fishing at an early age by his father and spent his teenage years learning to hold his own on the family farm in Winnebago County. Gunning for pheasants, deer, and waterfowl were priority until he picked up his first bow at age 12, a Browning Mirage, given to him by the late Tony Knight. That event sparked an over 20 year obsession that has led Marcus here to Trophy Pursuit.

Marcus Branstad3

Whether in a treestand with his Mathews, battling 6 foot tall switch grass chasing rosters, night fishing for walleyes, or tossing decoys in knee-high mud for ducks; Marcus can be found doing what he loves in the outdoors.

Marcus Branstad2


Marcus lives in Dallas County, Iowa with his wife and two boys.


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